Why Us

After every renovation there are tons of waste, disposal and building materials left. The cleaning of your freshly renovated property is sure because we have serious experience and knowledge in after builders cleaning work. You can fully trust to our professional cleaning services everywhere across London. The specialized service we offer is appropriate for everyone who recently has made some small or bigger renovations, or for someone who is moving in recently built building for us is makes no difference in what appearance is the estate and how small or big it is.

Let our diligent and experienced professional to do the hard-working after builders clean for you. We know that most of the people would prefer to save their energy and time if they have reliable company to provide them with that kind of care. The repairs and renovations have their not so pleasant part, when it is all finished the place is usually in mess with dust, tools, building materials and parts not to mention the variety of stains which have to be abolished for full cleanliness of your new renovated place. So when the builders finish their work, it is time to contact After Builder Cleaning London to help you with the cleaning and make every space in your property neat and clean.

After Builders Cleaning London is a respected brand in business, so you are at the right spot. You can easily contact us by phone to make a booking and our team of professionals will come to clean, sanitize and polish the whole property fast and comprehensive. You will be amazed of the quality of the cleaning performed in your apartment or house and you will see the striking difference after our experienced team is done. The steps of the plan our team is following during the cleaning is made to cover all cleaning needs that after builders cleaning might have. After Builders Cleaning London can supply all cares needed in bringing back to your estate to the good appearance, when the renovation in your property are over.

We know that after the renovation is done, probably the last thing hat cross your mind is to pass a few days in elbow mess cleaning and removing all the materials left. Our technicians perfectly know that you prefer sit back and take a break into your new renovated place and return to your daily routine. Those are just a few of the reasons why our exemplary After Builders Cleaning London is perfect for your necessities.

You can book and organize the service troublesome in the time that you prefer. Our team will come and gather all the waste and rubbish and will get you rid of all traces left from different building materials like paint, blotches, footprints and everything that might be left of the builders. We have specialized this kind of service through the years and we have numerous satisfied owners and estate agencies. Our technicians have made comprehensive checklist to including every aspect of the after builders cleaning which insures that everything about your after builders cleaning will be covered. After all, you deserve a professional service for the money you spent.

From collecting the rubbish to professional cleaning of ledges and windows and even cleaning of carpets and upholstery you can choose as option, we have the experience and proficiency to clean it all out.

When it comes of evaluation of your service we are very flexible with every customer. We consider all your requirements and demands to deliver you comprehensive service according to your needs. Just call us to make a booking and our representatives will manage the whole cleaning procedures. You can combine services for even greater results and better discount prices. Our services are flexible and you can adjust them from just one room to the whole premises in the property and we will pick the right cleaning method that response to your needs.

Each of our cleaners is intensively trained, checked and fully equipped. To put it other way – your estate is in the right safe and professional hands. After Builders Cleaning London is using the cutting edge equipment and safe non-toxic detergents. That will keep your place healthy and fresh.

Check out our full list of services and prices we provide on our webpage. You can always bundle several services to get better value. Call our representatives on 020 3746 2398 and discuss what are your requirements and needs with them. They can also provide you with free quotation and assist you. Call today we are open 24/7.